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1319 South State Street
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Chicago, IL 60605


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CFIG In a Nutshell


Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group, LLC (“CFIG”) is a United States government designated Regional Center by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is the mission of CFIG to improve the business environment in our designated geographic regions by creating jobs and establishing innovative businesses that will benefit the community

– First designated Regional Center in Chicago

– 98% approval rate for investors for the past 2 years

– Commitment of over $100 million dollars in EB-5 funding

– Provided funding for over 9 assisted living & memory care EB-5 projects

– We back our investments by real estate collateral

– We keep our projects “small” for our investors

– We use industries that are job-creating-based by nature

– We define a clear exit strategy for our investors from the very first day

– We will use US HUD LEAN 232 Program as a refinancing tool

– We use USCIS approved economic models

– Investors are given extra protection because they are first or second lien holders in the projects