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Direct EB-5 Investment-Based Immigration Services

Direct EB-5 Investment-Based Immigration Services

CFIG provides a complete solution for EB-5 investors. We understand the complexity of investing in businesses and implementing the EB-5 Immigration Program requirements. We provide customized options and support providing a business that our clients own from start, as well as support by professionals who teach and mentor the investors in the process of developing the business to meet their financial goals.


CFIG founded Direct EB-5 services with the objective of understanding the specific needs of our clients and their families while structuring a customized investment package to fit their individual needs.


We provide our clients with comprehensive services that cover the following areas:


    • EB-5 Investment Consultation
    • EB-5 Investment Structuring
    • Direct EB-5 Investment Implementation
    • Regional Center EB-5 Investment Coordination
    • Business Case Revision & Analysis
    • Business Plan Writing
    • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Preparation
    • Economist Job Creation Analysis
    • Investment & Project Pack Preparation
    • Post-Immigration Bespoke & VIP Services Facilitation


    CFIG Direct EB-5 services include various business models that give our clients the flexibility of choosing the right structure they are comfortable with managing and operating. Whether it is direct management, semi-passive management, or hands-off management, we are able to work with our clients to ensure the success of their projects.


    We also allow our clients to pick from various business concepts such as:


    • Client existing and new business concepts
    • CFIG existing business concepts
    • CFIG franchising concepts
    • Third-party business concepts