1. What are the benefits of the green card?

– All lawful permanent residents under the EB-5 Visa enjoy the same benefits as every other U.S. citizen, except for the right to vote and entitlement to certain public benefits.


– The U.S. is a safe harbor for your family as well as your personal and business investments. Any member of the family with a “Green Card” can enter the U.S. at any time and stay as long as he/she wishes.


– Investors have constant and easy access to the United States for personal, trade and business purposes.


– Permanent residents travel to the U.S. without the need of another visa. Investors may work, live, or own their own proprietary business anywhere in the United States.


– The U.S. has internationally recognized colleges and universities for both basic education and graduate study. As a resident, the investor can benefit from lower tuition costs.


– The cost of living in the U.S. is less than most large industrial nations. Consumer goods, services, and housing are significantly less expensive than comparable services and good in most other countries.


– Students may work in the U.S. while they attend college and then continue to work afterwards, enabling the student to pay part of his education and to work while attending graduate and postgraduate studies.


– The U.S. provides many financial, social, and education entitlements such as public schools, health and medical attention, social security, and education.


– The Investor has the ability to bring immediate family members to the U.S. and after proper application, can apply for U.S. citizenship.


2. What is a ‘Conditional’ Green Card?

3. What is the difference between “conditional” and “unconditional” Green Cards?

4. Who receives the permanent residency (“Green Card”)?

5. What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?

6. If my I-526 petition is approved by USCIS, what is the purpose of the Consulate application and interview, and how soon do I get my “Green Card”?

7. Can my Green card be taken away from me?

8. I have a Green Card and plan on traveling out of the U.S. for a long time. Can I keep my Green Card?

9. I need to travel out of the U.S. for more than a year. Is there anything I can do?

10. How long is a Green Card valid for?