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Regional Center EB-5 Investment Services

Regional Center EB-5 Investment Services

CFIG provides detailed due diligence and research analysis services on our EB-5 projects to assist our clients in making an informed decision on which particular EB-5 project might be most suitable to their risk tolerance. With so many Regional Center projects competing for international investment dollars, this process of due diligence can become quite overwhelming and very confusing at times.


We provide our clients with comprehensive services that cover the following areas:


    • Identifying, developing, and managing projects within approved designated areas
    • Offering EB-5 investments by structuring projects under USCIS regulations
    • Providing economic analysis into market trends and current conditions
    • Delivering quarterly and annual financial and project progress reports
    • Creating a minimum of 10 jobs through methods that are verified by a prominent economist
    • Conducting the best administrative and regulatory practices in maintaining our USCIS Regional Center